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Ashlie Price

Hi, I'm Ashlie!

As a mother of two, I understand the complexities of navigating life's many transitions while also balancing the responsibilities of family and career. I believe that each of us has a unique journey, and my role is to guide and support you as you navigate the chrysalis period, that moment between the caterpillar and butterfly. I hold this process with much honor and reverence, and I am passionate about helping women tap into their personal, divine, innate wisdom as a compassionate Transformation Life Coach.

My journey toward becoming a life coach began when my mentor, Dr. Michael T. Howard, shared his vision of me as a coach. At the time, I was battling severe postpartum depression and going through a painful separation. Although I was curious about his vision, I did not fully understand the true transformations that come from coaching. Sadly, Dr. Howard passed away just a few days after sharing his vision with me.

What I learned is that a coach is someone who sees your potential, even when you cannot yet see it. They hold space for you to tap into your truth and support you in taking action steps along the way. Dr. Howard was truly a coach to me, and it has been my mission to carry out his vision.

I have extensive experience in personal growth and development, including fitness, nutrition, spirituality, sexuality, and energetics. I achieved my coaching mastery in The Mastery Method (TM) from the Institute of Coaching Mastery (ICF) under the mentorship of Alyssa Nobriga. Also, I am a certified VITA Method (TM) coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, trained by Layla Martin.

In our time together, I will guide you through experiences that help you fully embody your truth, align with your values, and take inspired action toward your desires. My coaching style is centered on holding a safe space for you to be seen and heard. If you're ready to own that who you are is enough, then email me at to learn more. 

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I can help you with

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  • Visions, Values, + Purpose

  • Wholeness + the Enneagram

  • Awareness + Mindset

  • Working with Blocks

  • Projections (Positive + Negative)

  • Integrating Your Shadow

  • Acceptance + Forgiveness

  • Embodiment + Full Potential

  • Mastering Your Past

  • Embodied Decision Making

  • Claiming Your Inherent Worth

  • Conscious + Strategic Goal-Setting

  • Creating Sustainable Habits

  • Accessing Untapped Potential Thru Embodiment

  • Clearing Unconscious Blocks

  • Busting Beyond Upper Limits

  • Boundaries + Burnout- Self Care

  • Over Responsibility

  • Getting Clear on Your Core Desire

  • Liberating the Family Dynamic

  • Embracing the Inner Child

  • Creating a Thriving Sexual Ecology

  • Getting What You Desire

  • Finding Emotional Empowerment

  • The Power of Intentional Self-Pleasure

  • Journey Into the Self- Exploring the Unconscious

  • Vibrant and Healthy Relationships

  • Celebrations and more! 

I can help you

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Enhance relationships + deepen connection

Prioritize self-care to manage stress + anxiety


Cultivate self-trust in decision-making

Mary-Grace H

Lovely Words

Ashlie is masterful at what she does. I am seeing such incredible transformation within my life after only two sessions! What a gift it is to work with this queen, I couldn’t recommend her work enough.


I came into our coaching container with so much exhaustion, emotional buildup and inner pressure to have the answers. During our calls I felt deeply supported and loved having a comfortable space to articulate my vision for my desires and feelings.


Because of the work that we did together I was able to clarify my vision, initiate big conversations, explore new topics within my marriage, and directly experience the actualization of my desires.


I feel so free to unleash and embrace the totality of my desires as I live a life of full expression.

~ Mary-Grace H

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