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Client Love

Ami P

What a gift

I just had my first session with Ashlie. I am so grateful for the wisdom she has to share.  We all have wisdom within, but she has a knack for helping to bring it out of ourselves.


What a gift she is.  I’m going to recommend a few friends utilize her services because I think she will be a great help.


Ashlie, you are definitely walking in your purpose. Thank you!

~ Ami P

Working with Ashlie has been transformational! She helped me connect my passion to my vision and empowered me to truly live with intention & action. Her personality is magnetic. Highly recommend!

~ Bianca L

Chelsea P

Such guidance

Ashlie’s energy is so calm, beautiful and supportive. I was at true peace during this session which was truly needed!


I experienced such connection with myself and felt such intense, powerful, blissful energy running through my body.


She was spot on with everything and explained in detail the ways to be in alignment.

Such a guidance, I truly appreciate her!

~ Chelsea P

Ashlie is an amazing life coach. She really focuses on her client’s needs and helping them through life transitions. By gaining clarity, purpose and direction, I am now able to succeed in my career, life and relationships in a healthy manner. She truly takes the time to make sure that her clients are progressing through obstacles they may not even be aware of. I highly recommend her services to anyone needing that extra push and support.

~ Kimberly A

Michelle C

Feel safe and seen

I've worked with Ashlie several times now and every time i come away feeling so great about the experience.


She has a way of making you feel safe and seen, which is incredibly important to me.


I highly recommend her services and will definitely be a repeat customer.

~ Michelle C

Mary-Grace H

Unleash your desires

Ashlie is masterful at what she does. I am seeing such incredible transformation within my life after only two sessions! What a gift it is to work with this queen, I couldn’t recommend her work enough.


I came into our coaching container with so much exhaustion, emotional buildup and inner pressure to have the answers. During our calls I felt deeply supported and loved having a comfortable space to articulate my vision for my desires and feelings.


Because of the work that we did together I was able to clarify my vision, initiate big conversations, explore new topics within my marriage, and directly experience the actualization of my desires.


I feel so free to unleash and embrace the totality of my desires as I live a life of full expression.

~ Mary-Grace H

Louise T

Increased Vitality

I appreciated your excellent listening, reflecting back to see if you’d got it right; your beautiful caring presence that I felt safe in; the ‘co-working’, collaborative space you provided. I remembered that I don’t have to do everything all on my own!! You kept the gentle inquiry going until we found a tender spot, and you provided a safe space for me to explore what was there and get my voice heard, and reconnect with my inner child and review a core childhood event. It felt safe, cathartic and empowering. And left me feeling more spacious and compassionate and with increased vitality.

~ Louise T

Stacey B

Break throughs

~ Stacey B

I really liked how you guided me to places where I wouldn't go on my own. I know we could really break through some walls if we continue. You have a very calm nature to you which is very comforting.


Understanding how much I stifle my emotions and that my health is most likely suffering from that. Learning how to find a sense of peace in knowing what I truly want. I would have loved to get further into inner child work with you. But maybe in the future we can tackle that when the time is there.

Jenna M

Such Permission

I appreciated the way you were able to mirror back to me the emotions I was feeling and also the permission to be feeling those ways. I had Ah-ha moments when:


You told me to ask myself for consent first. It registered differently in my body than just "trusting my gut" etc. It felt super honoring and almost like why wouldn't I ask myself for consent first.


You shared with me how anytime I was saying yes out of feeling like I "should" it was no longer about what the other person did to me and about what I'm doing to me. You said "When you make those choices you're abandoning yourself on purpose" that really hit. It made me see it clearly.

~ Jenna M

Carey U

Without Judgement

I have felt so incredibly seen, supported, heard and celebrated in the sessions so far, which has been so wonderfully affirming, helpful, and energizing. I truly feel like you hear & understand what I am communicating/trying to communicate. It has also been really helpful hearing your reflections/summaries of what you have heard/understood/seen, which helps to deepen my own insights.

I often feel like I am 'all over the place', but you gently stay with whatever is present for me, giving space to whatever arises, without judgement. In the two sessions, I have become more aware of the

'work/blocks' that I need to work through going forward. Whilst I knew there were things to work through, it didn't quite realise 'how much' I need to process and move through. It has been super helpful gaining this awareness, rather than ignoring or running away from it all.


I have ended both sessions feeling super excited about what is to come, including just having the awareness of things I need to process and release. Whilst it has been a busy time, it has been super helpful having access to this site to record info, process my thoughts and track progress.


Whilst the blocks have come up, I have continued to remain mindful of my initial intentions. I realise this is a process and the blocks need to be worked through to help me get to where I'd like to go. These sessions have provided a healthy dose of 'reality' while also keeping me focused on the goal of greater pleasure, freedom, full embodiment, feeling empowered and full surrender and acceptance.

~ Carey U

Ferryn X

Trust and Embodiment

Your ability to connect on a deep level and to be able to go deep and hold someone in their process the way you did for me. It is very rare that I find someone who can go that deep and let me be in my process without interfering too much with my process. There has been a big transition with trusting myself and leaning in to my feminine. This is such a new level of trust and embodiment for me. But now I know how that feels and how to go towards my goals with fully trusting and also feeling safe to be in my feminine energy.

~ Ferryn X

Image by Annemarie Grudën

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