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“Gotta feel to heal”

Updated: May 11, 2023

Up until recently, this mantra has been a massive NO THANK YOU 🚫 as I’ve purposely avoided anything that could trigger emotions that have been purposely shut down in self-preservation.

Numbing out used to make sense to me in order to function at work and with my other responsibilities, bc when my emotions are in overload, I literally shut down. As in, I can’t get off the couch.

Emotional paralysis, in my opinion, is a result of the body-mind shutting down due to an overwhelming of pent-up emotions from heavy events.

Truly, it’s a system burnout.

But, when I started incorporating more somatic work and partnered with other methodologies, I learned that I can transmute some of these stuffed-down emotions into creative ventures.

Breathwork, yoga, active meditation, journaling, exercise, physical intimacy, as well as using my voice to say how I really feel have all supported me in putting pain to purpose.

I still have days where I feel emotionally overwhelmed and find myself unable to be productive. However, I’ve learned not to judge myself as lazy or weak but to hold myself with compassion and my position as human.

If you are feeling emotionally heavy, I totally understand needing the rest. But I also invite you to think about one small step for the week to help bring a new use for the feels and allow their deserved expression.

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